Thursday, July 24, 2008

i think you are pretty f'n nice

hi!!! its been nearly a year since I've posted. I have the flu and im bored out of my skull..

I am having the best summer. I dumped my boyfriend & I went on miniature roadtrips around cali with nick, who's totally my bff at the moment. so far, we've gone to palm springs and santa barbara. we're thinkin about venturing to san fran.

I've been promoting concerts in addition to my regular ol' closed captioning job. im meeting with acme modeling agency again on tuesday, to fill out paperwork and pick out pictures. im happy I have a commercial agent again.

last night.. nick came over, and we reeked (i totally spelled that wrong) havoc in hollywood in his mini cooper convertible. I accidentally made it fly in the air after hitting a giant bump in the road.. I seriously almost trashed the thing.

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