Sunday, September 16, 2007

i'm not gonna be stuck in mediocrity

gooood afternoon, akward first post.
i wish i could say it's been a lazy sunday.
but it hasn't.
i'm just planning out what's going to happen in october.
- i'm going to start looking for another job on the westside of town.
- i also decided to move out of my apartment, because otherwise i would have to find two new roommates.
- and from now on i'm just going to live alone, because living with roommates is very draining i have found out.
- a friend of mine is subletting his place for the next 5 months, and it's right on the beach in santa monica.
- so that's why i'm going to look for a job in that area! so i don't have to spend an hour driving to hollywood every day.

i had my hair done yesterday, and i feel pretty fabulous.
i have side-swept bangs, and the usual re-highlight.
i'm attending an improv class at the second city theatre from 3-6 today.
i'll probably nap after that, and possibly attend an after-emmys party, which i hope will actually happen. a great networking opportunity. BOY AM I GLAD I'M FINALLY 21. it won't be such a hassle getting into parties and such anymore.


KATIE! said...

being 21 does have it's perks. too bad we both still look like we're kids. haaa.

snoopy said...

haha too bad i'm not nerdy enough to figure out how the heck to link you.

KATIE! said...

on your "dashboard" click LAYOUT and "add page element" and it'll give you a bunch of choices, one of them being LINKS or something like that. it's easy, i swear.